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New Porsche Parts

Part NumberDescriptionApplication
997-110-130-30Air Filter997 Carrera
928-110-475-03Fuel Pump Cap Nut911
955-341-027-02Control ArmCayenne
996-347-011-GXSteering Rack986 Boxster; 996 Carrera/Turbo
996-511-127-00Hood Lock Actuator986 Boxster; 996 Carrera/Turbo
955-620-911-00Fuel Line ConnectorCayenne
955-620-931-01Fuel PumpCayenne
3B1-837-015-EDoor Lock Mechanism986 Boxster

Part NumberDescriptionApplication
999-021-011-01Retaining Spring Clip987 Boxster; Cayman
996-107-035-52Engine Oil Filler Cap987 Boxster; Cayman; 997 Carrera/Turbo
955-126-011-EXA/C CompressorCayenne
997-355-923-00Brake Booster987 Boxster; Cayman; 997 Carrera
948-375-049-01Engine MountCayenne S/T
948-375-050-01Engine MountCayenne S/T
986-512-117-00Trunk Lock Actuator986 Boxster
997-559-211-00Hood Emblem987 Boxster; Cayman; 997 Carrera/Turbo
997-620-127-00Fuel Pump997 Turbo
997-620-131-00Fuel Pump987 Boxster; Cayman; 997 Carrera
997-620-831-02Fuel Level Sending Unit987 Boxster; Cayman; 997 Carrera
997-628-077-00Windshield Washer NozzleBoxster; Cayman; 996/997 Carrera/Turbo
900-631-017-91Brake Light Bulb987 Boxster; Cayman
900-631-022-90Taillight Bulb987 Boxster; Cayman
996-653-101-10 FFAA/C Heater Switch Assembly986 Boxster; 996 Carrera/Turbo
999-707-404-40Cam Sensor O-RingCayenne; Boxster; Cayman; 996/997 Carrera
KF192-01Clutch Kit912
99 5541 936Brake Pad Set - RS 29986/987 Boxster; Cayman; 996/997 Carrera
99 5541 937Brake Pad Set - RS 29986/987 Boxster; Cayman; 996/997 Carrera
99 5541 950Brake Pad Set - RS 29996/997 Carrera
99 5541 951Brake Pad Set - RS 29996 Carrera/Turbo
99 5541 970Brake Pad Set - RS 29997 GT3 Cup
99 5541 975Brake Pad Set - RS 29997 Gt3 Cup; 997 Turbo

Part NumberDescriptionApplication
N-105-234-02Axle Joint BoltCayenne all
948-102-119-00Drive Belt Idle RollerCayenne S/T
948-102-120-00Drive Belt Idle RollerCayenne S/T
955-102-276-00Drive Belt Idle RollerCayenne
955-102-299-00Drive Belt TensionerCayenne
948-102-359-02Drive Belt TensionerCayenne S/T
948-102-402-00Drive Belt Tension RollerCayenne S/T
9A1-107-224-00Oil Filter Kit987 Boxster; Cayman
997-110-131-30Air Filter997 Turbo
986-300-010-AXManual Transmission986 Boxster S
996-300-010-DXManual Transmission996 Carrera
996-300-010-GXManual Transmission996 Carrera 4
996-300-020-GXManual Transmission996 Carrera with L/S
955-341-901-00Wheel Bearing KitCayenne all
955-573-083-12A/C LineCayenne
930-606-105-EXWarm-Up Regulator911 Turbo (Euro)
GM5-D588-HOSuspension Kit - PSS 10997 Carrera 4/4S
10 1550 311Gear Teeth911/912E